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PACE Affordable Housing
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PACE Home Repair (Handyworkers)
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While building the community through the development of human capital, small businesses, and education, PACE also believes in building and maintaining homes that are safe, comfortable and affordable. Since 1984, PACE has built and maintained 190 Affordable Housing apartment units in the Central Los Angeles area and since 1978, PACE has operated the Handyworker Home Repair service that provides free minor home repairs for eligible low income homeowners in the City of Los Angeles and some portions of the County of Los Angeles. The Handyworker program repairs around 400 homes each year.

More information about our Home Repair Services

PACE administers the following two programs that serve clients of certain Los Angeles service areas. The County Handyworker Program provides free minor home repairs and rehabilitation services to eligible low to moderate-income families and disabled resident homeowners in the unincorporated areas of the Second Supervisorial District. The City Handyworker Program offers free minor home repairs to low-income senior citizens (62 years and older) or disabled resident homeowners in the Central Los Angeles Area.

The goals and objectives of these two programs are to:

  1. Correct health and safety concerns in the home
  2. Assist the elderly and disabled to remain in a safe and comfortable home
  3. Preserve and maintain habitability of aging homes in the community

This program is intended to provide minor home repair services, which is generally defined as repair work that is normally exempt from permitting requirements. Examples of repairs or improvements that can be made include:

  1. Minor finish work repairs to either the exterior or interior
  2. Improvements to assist in home safety and security
  3. Improvements to render the home accessible to the disabled
  4. Interior and exterior painting

Due to the limitation of resources, the agency cannot perform all types of minor home repairs that are needed for each eligible homeowner. However, PACE will work with the homeowners to address their home repair priorities. The City of Los Angeles expects PACE to help eligible homeowners identify and focus on repairs to property deterioration and preventive maintenance ahead of cosmetic changes.

For questions regarding PACE Affordable Housing, please call (213) 353-3982.
For questions regarding Home Repair Services, such as the Handyworker program, please call (213) 207-1366.