PACE has created an integrated approach to serve the people of LA now and in the years ahead.

We pride ourselves on the comprehensive array of services that we have provided to more than 850,000 low-income individuals and families since 1976. Our clients are welcomed at PACE with the expertise, encouragement and support of a staff that reflects the multicultural diversity of its clientele, possesses the ability to speak more than forty languages, and has the personal experience of challenge and adversity that often accompanies dislocation and struggle. We believe that providing stable housing, quality education, equal opportunities and a helping hand are the first steps toward living a long and healthy life. A small sample of our business lines include:


Business Development Center

Business Development Center is a vibrant, creative force with educational and financial programs available to help businesses, individuals and families.

Financial Education & Asset Building

Financial Education & Asset Building is there to help low-income individuals and families move toward financial security through increased opportunities and expanded education programs.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is a comprehensive preschool and family service program that operates out of 16 school centers.

Affordable Housing & Repair

Affordable Housing & Repair understands that a family’s home is an important foundation to improving the quality of life for the entire community.

Workforce Development Center

Workforce Development Center utilizes an array of job training programs to meet the needs of job seekers, businesses looking to hire, veterans and seniors.

Energy & Environmental Services

Energy & Environmental Services; Sustainability and protecting the environment have been on PACE’s agenda well before going green became the “in” thing to do.